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Jas kohli
My earliest memory is of living in an accommodation inside a hospital campus. My doctor parents often took me to the wards, which, in the late sixties smelled heavily of disinfectants. The loss of my dad at a young age traumatized me. That, coupled with physical ailments, bewildered me so much that I repeatedly uttered the word, ‘why me’ to god. But I also became appreciative of even minor joys and the same continues to this day.

Mom’s courage and hard work enabled life to get on track again. When it was time to decide the course of my life, I was in no doubt that I wanted to don a white coat. MBBS and MS were a breeze but the real grind started after that. Just when life seemed to be at a dead end, by a twist of fate, I got admission in M. Ch in plastic surgery and thus became a certified sculptor of humans.
My wife Dr Bela, and kids Nishant and Kavya, have given a new meaning to my life. The hobby of writing, developed in school days, got suppressed due to rigours of study in medical college. But, it reared its head a few years ago. My habit of sleeping late has made me the butt of many jokes amongst my friends. But the calm of the late night also makes my mind come alive with thoughts and ideas which become desperate to get converted into words.

Bird-watching and astronomy satisfies my soul because it makes me feel one with nature. Old Hindi songs provide the healing touch to the frayed nerves. I will not judge the success of my books by the sales figures but by their ability to strike a chord with the readers