All hell breaks loose when a hardcore environmentalist ends up increasing his carbon footprint in a Way least expected.

A new day dawns in Ludhiana, a city of big cars and even bigger show-offs. The Rahejas are different -well, at least one half of the Rahejas. Reeti Raheja is the free-spending stunner, while Kushal, her Industrialist husband, is a fanatical environmentalist and a misfit in Ludhiana. The story starts with Reeti, who is preoccupied with planning her outfit and make- up in order to dazzle the invitees During a wedding celebration. However, things soon go awry when her mischievous son Lakshya uncovers a secret that sets off a series of mis-happenings and also threatens to create a big turmoil in the family. After they reach the wedding venue, there is not a single dull moment.

It’s full on Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!

Will the Rahejas be able to weather this storm?

In his third novel, medico-cum-author Dr Jas Kohli, takes humour and satire to another level With his depiction of a quirky family in a small but famous town.
Jas kohli
When Dr Jas Kohli started training in plastic surgery twenty years back, he hadn’t imagined that one day he would be exposing the secretive world of plastic surgeons and their clients. Apart from his interest in writing, he also enjoys astronomy, music and bird-watching. Through his writings, he aims to foster a stronger doctor-patient bond.